FUZU Sweet Spot Kitty Carpet

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CUTE TANTALIZING GIFT: Our Kitty play mat is inspired by the magic of a nighttime garden to tantalize your kitten. Sweet Spot Kitty Carpet bed is a beautiful addition to any home décor.

KEEPS YOUR FELINE FRIEND ENTERTAINED: It’s a soft and cushy indoor spot for playing, sleeping, licking, “meatloafing” (it’s a thing) and solving world problems, as most kitties are inclined to do in their free time.

TOP NOTCH COMFORT: Sweet Spot Kitty Carpet features super soft plush fabric on one side and smooth fabric on the other, with a green felt leaf design accent at each corner for batting and a soft layer of polyester padding.

NON-TOXIC: Made with 100% pure U.S. grown certified organic catnip (no junky fillers) containing only the choice parts of the plant where the highest concentration of oils are found.

NON-STOP FUN: Sweet Spot Kitty Carpet comes with a free bag of our own Kitty KA-BOOM! U.S. grown certified organic catnip. It’s good stuff and your kitty will thank you for the tantalizing treat.

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