Tiki Cat Grill Can

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The high-protein, grain-free, natural nutrition cats crave. Give cats their seafood fix. High-protein, real fish recipes garnished with shellfish in a delicious consommé.

 MEAT-BASED MEALS INSPIRED BY CATS’ NATURAL PREY DIETS HIGH PROTEIN Tiki Cat® Born Carnivore™ diets offer 44% average protein, higher than many big name brands.

REAL, NATURAL INGREDIENTS No by-products, fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives.

GRAIN FREE, LOW OR NO CARBOHYDRATES No potatoes, corn, rice or wheat.

REAL INGREDIENTS WITH REAL BENEFITS Like salmon oil to help promote healthy skin and coat, and pumpkin to aid digestion.

HIGH MOISTURE Tiki Cat® wet foods contain high moisture to give cats the supplemental water they need.

GREAT FOR FINICKY FELINES Over 40 different flavors and textures to please even the pickiest cats.

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